Natural Loofah/ Organic exfoliating sponge/scrub


Colour: Natural

* Cruelty Free * Ethically sourced * Organic * Plastic Free * Vegan


Discover the versatility of Noona’s Natural Loofah’s, your ultimate scrubbing solution, can be used for your body in the shower or bath or even household cleaning, give it a try today!

Contrary to popular believe Loofah’s are not Sea Creatures but members of the cucumber family. Harvested from vines the Loofah fruit transforms into effective, natural cleaning magic.

The Loofah is magic when used for exfoliation in the shower, and why not try and cut a small piece off and see the scrubbing power when used for pots and pans in the kitchen.

Our organic Loofah’s are unmatched! Embrace natures cleaning secret with the Noona Loofah.


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