Mini Wooden Scoops


These jolly useful Mini Wooden scoops are perfect for scooping bath salts or any our Aromatherapy Bath Potions.

Perfect addition to your bathroom products.



  • Can these scoops be used for food items?

    While they are primarily designed for bath products, the Mini Wooden Scoops can also be used for dry food items like spices, coffee, or sugar. However, ensure they are thoroughly cleaned before and after use.

  • Are the Mini Wooden Scoops environmentally friendly?

    Yes, the scoops are made from natural wood, making them a more sustainable and eco-friendly option compared to plastic scoops.

  • Can I use the scoops in both wet and dry environments?

    While the scoops are designed for dry products, they can handle brief contact with moisture. However, avoid prolonged exposure to water to maintain their integrity.

  • How can I store the Mini Wooden Scoops when not in use?

    Store the scoops in a dry place, ideally alongside your bath products, to keep them handy and in good condition.


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